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  • Jonathan Tweed

    Jonathan Tweed

    Technical Product Manager at Wellcome Collection, a free museum exploring health and human experience.

  • Kevin S Prince

    Kevin S Prince

    Wandering Geek. My thoughts are my own and dont represent my employers.

  • Paul Bennett-Freeman

    Paul Bennett-Freeman

    Product Engineer. Former CTO @lovefruitful, co-founder of @DoESLiverpool.

  • Giles W

    Giles W

    CTO at

  • Ovid


    American living in France

  • Nicholas Avenell

    Nicholas Avenell

    Aquarion is Nicholas Avenell of I are computer person, I computer all the things. My baked cheesecake is the stuff of legend.

  • Fuze The Mc

    Fuze The Mc

    once called Dopest Nigga of the Year - Big Boi(of Outkast) Founder of #NobleBlackSociety |XXL & MTV FEATURED| ATL - DC

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